Once upon a time, there was a family history, of a family of French bakers.

It was in 1984 that Michel Philibert and his son Pascal, both professional bakers, developed the innovative idea at the time of liquid sourdough.

For over four years, they worked together to improve the fermentation process, toiling in the back room of the family bakery in Pont de Veyle, France.

It was at a customer’s request that wheat sourdough was first dehydrated, at the dairy in Grièges, equipped at that time with a spray-drying tower.

The company continued its development work and set up its liquid sourdough plant at Crottet.

In 2002, it acquired its first drying line, to ensure its customers had ever-greater quality and to control the manufacturing process, from fermentation through to packaging.

In the 2010s, Philibert Savours further shaped itself, buying its second drying line, increasing its liquid production capacity and opening its research institute. It was at this time that the company launched its flagship product, Campasine, a tasty, crusty baguette seeded with spelt wheat. The firm was buzzing with ideas … and started work on a range of flaked fruit and vegetables.
The years went by and the product range grew, as did company turnover.

In 2016, with all the skills and expertise of its team behind it, Philibert Savours launched its Cap 2022 (Target 2022) plan, the goal of which was to “conquer the world”.

The first stage of the Cap 2022 transformation was completed in July 2018. It moved its head office to a new building that reflected the company and its commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

In August 2018, Philibert Savours developed and signed four-way supply-chain contracts (farmer, cooperative, Philibert Savours and mill) and participated in the re-planting of ancient cereals in France’s Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region. The company is increasingly involved in the ‘Controlled Resources and Crops’ (CRC) charter, at the same time as ensuring that farmers receive an income sufficient for them to earn a decent living from their work, while respecting the environment.

By 2022, the existing production site will have been completely redesigned and a new plant will be rising from the ground.

Today, a new chapter opens with the opening of our Chicago office...


With its 30 years’ expertise, Philibert Savours has unrivalled know-how in the field of sourdoughs and bakery and patisserie solutions.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of our company and is deeply embedded in our philosophy. We have been developing a social and environmental responsibility strategy for many years, working with stakeholders in the field and regional, national and European bodies. This long-standing commitment is reflected in the certifications and labels that we hold, reflecting how very seriously we take our work in this area. One of our priorities is also to meet the requirements of the greatest number of people. That is why we are working on the kosher and halal certification of our products.

We also work day-in, day-out on the development and improvement of our products. Innovation is in our DNA. Our research and development institute (Institut Philibert Savours), specialising in the study of sourdough fermentation, is at the centre of this innovation. Located within a highly reputed agri-food engineering school in Lyon, it works on developing the products of tomorrow and takes part in numerous international scientific projects related to sourdoughs.

Philibert Savours is also synonymous with constantly seeking the best possible quality. This quest is put into the service of taste, aiming to open the doors of possibilities of every kind.

Philibert Savours offers not only sourdoughs with rich, varied and elegant tastes, but also a wide range of bakery and patisserie products that will stimulate your own creativity. Toofruit, available in eight different flavours, has quite a few further surprises up its sleeve, so broad is its palette of recipes ...